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Zenith Transformer Components

Zenith Transformer Components LLC (ZTC) is dedicated to providing high quality, reliable components to the electrical power industry. Our staff has over 80 years of experience in the domestic and international power transformer industry. Zenith Transformer Components has a broad knowledge and working relationship with many quality electrical industry suppliers worldwide. ZTC offers these products to major OEM’s, utilities, and industrial user markets. ZTC continues to increase our product offerings to the industry.

Zenith Transformer Components offers the following products to the electrical industry. Transformer panel type radiators, Transformer radiator valves (butterfly type), double flange butterfly valves, Transformer cooling fans, Dehydrating breathers, Indicating silica gel, Bulk style electrical bushings, Buchholz relays, and many other misc. parts.

Transformer Radiators

Zenith Transformer Components represents Sinjungwoo Industrial radiator products in the North American market. Sinjungwoo has been providing high quality radiators to most major manufacturers in the Asian market and now we are bringing those premium products here to the US, Canada and Mexico. Sinjungwoo Industrial has a complete line of radiators including 300 mm (12 inch), 380 mm (15 inch), 450 mm (17 ¾ inch) and 520 mm (20 ½ inch). We also offer panel spacing of 38 mm, 40 mm and 45 mm and lengths up to 4500 mm.

Our radiators are available in painted, galvanized or galvanized/painted finishes. The interiors are all coated with Celerol reaction primer. Our standard top coat finish is an epoxy primer and urethane top coat. These are all solvent based finishes for excellent durability and life. In addition to the standard galvanizing, we also offer heavy galvanizing which further increases the life of the radiators in salt or corrosive atmospheres.

We not only supply OEM transformer manufacturers, but we also furnish replacement radiators to the utilities and repair shops. Several utilities have purchased these radiators as replacements for radiators that were furnished on ABB, Waukesha, GE, Westinghouse, and other manufacturer’s transformers. We have also replaced the tube type radiators with Sinjungwoo Industrial panel style radiators. Our replacement radiators are used in the US, Canada and Mexico.


Butterfly Radiator Valves

Zenith Transformer Components supplies butterfly style radiator valves manufactured by Cedaspe Spa. of Italy and BTX Valve of Korea. ZTC stocks several different configurations of these valves at our Waukesha facility. These valves are available in a weld-on style and wafer style. ZTC can also supply stainless steel radiator valves manufactured by BTX Valve.

Weld-on Butterfly Radiator Valves


  • Forged steel body
  • Steel header pipe-100 mm to 1400 mm long
  • Cap with sealing O-ring
  • Painted ANSI 70 Gray
  • 3 inch size-DIN Flange-160 mm bolt circle
  • 4 inch size- Large flange-197 mm (7 ¾”) bolt circle


  • Cold Temperature NBR Seals
  • Brown VITON seals
  • Flange O-rings
  • Dust / Shipping Cover
  • 4 or 5 inch header pipe available
  • Header pipe wall thickness
  • Hardware
3 inch BTX Weld-on drawing
4 inch BTX Weld-on drawing

Wafer Style Butterfly Valves

Features-BTX Valve:

  • Forged steel body
  • Cap with sealing O-ring
  • Painted ANSI 70 Gray
  • 3 inch size-DIN Flange-160 mm bolt circle


  • Cold Temperature NBR Seals
  • Brown VITON seals
  • Flange O-rings
  • Dust / Shipping Cover
  • Hardware

BTX 3” Wafer Valve

Features-CEDASPE Spa TW80 Valve

  • Forged steel body
  • Bronze disc with VITON Seal
  • O-ring seals on shaft (H-NBR)
  • 3 inch size with DIN flange (160 mm)
  • Painted Gray
  • Flange O rings (H-NBR)


  • Special O ring grooves
  • ANSI 70 paint

Cedaspe 3” inch Wafer Valve

Double Flange BTX Butterfly Valve


  • Cast Body
  • ANSI Bolt Circle
  • Direct replacement for valves manufactured by BECK of England
  • 4”, 6” and 8” sizes available
  • Sealing disc
  • Brown VITON and NBR Seals available

4 inch BTX double flange valve
6 inch BTX double flange valve
8 inch BTX double flange valve

Din wafer valve Double flanged butterfly valve

Transformer Cooling Fans

Zenith Transformer Cooling Fans are offered in three sizes. The fans are available with 18.5 inch, 24 inch and 26 inch diameter impellers. In addition to offering fans in the standard speeds of 860, 1140 and 1725 RPM, ZTC also offers unique Dual Speed fans with 860/1140, 860/1725, and 1140/1725 RPM’s. The use of dual speed fans is a low cost option for those customers who need extra cooling performance in emergency or overload situations. Dual speed fans are available in several different voltages to meet the customer needs. Zenith also offers these fans for vertical up applications. ZTC also offers fans in a dual blade design for customers who need increased air flow with a low noise level. Our dual blade 1140 RPM fan has very similar performance to the 1725 RPM single blade design but much lower noise level.

Zenith Transformer Cooling Fans feature Cast Aluminum blades, Hot Dip Galvanized Guards, and Hot Dip Galvanized Front covers. Our motors are manufactured to our specifications and come standard with 56C face TEAO motors which allow for the motor to be mounted with strong 3/8 inch stainless steel hex head cap screws. Stainless steel shafts and shaft seals are standard features on our motors. All our motors are painted ANSI 70 Gray and are manufactured in the USA.

Zenith Transformer Cooling Fan performance has been independently tested by Air Movement and Control Association, and international testing laboratory. The fans were tested to AMCA 210-99 figure 12. ZTC fan performance does not have to be de-rated.

ZTC Stainless Steel T bolt sets are made in a universal design which means that they will fit radiators from 9 inches through 20 ½ inches. The stainless steel T-bolt set consists or 4 T-bolts, stainless plate and washers and silicon bronze nuts. Stainless steel vertical mounting brackets are also available that fit radiator header pipes from 3 through 5 inches.

Zenith Transformer Components has built many special fans to meet our customer’s needs. We have built fans with stainless steel blades, special customer specified motors, Multi-wing fan blades, and unique combinations of motors and blades. Call Zenith for your special needs.

We offer separable connectors and cables in various lengths to facilitate factory or field installations.

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Cooling fan cooling fan

Silica Gel Breathers/Silica Gel-

Zenith Transformer Components stocks several sizes of the CEDASPE silica gel breathers. CEDASPE silica gel breathers are offered in an oil cup design as well as their unique mechanical valve design. Silica gel breathers are available sizes that will handle up to 15 kilograms of silica gel in a single unit. The single units can also be fitted to a manifold to increase the overall capability of the breathers to protect very large transformers.

We stock the CEDASPE VC-05, VC-10, and VC-50F breathers. Our VC-05 silica gel breather is most commonly used on Load Tap Changers or small transformers.

Zenith has developed an aluminum manifold that can be used to mount two flanged style silica gel breathers. (see picture).

In addition to silica gel breathers, ZTC stocks indicating silica gel. The silica gel is available in three types. (Orange/white---Yellow/green---Blue/pink). The silica gel is available in bulk or packaged in Mylar bags. Standard sizes are 1 KG, 2.5 KG, and 25 KG packages.

Silica Gel Breathers
silica gel breather

Transformer Accessories

ZTC furnishes many accessories that are used in the manufacture and repair of transformers. These include Buchholz relays, Silica gel Breathers, Terminal boxes, bulk bushings (European design), manufactured by Cedaspe Spa.