Zenith Consulting Division

The Zenith Group provides consulting services to Large Electrical equipment manufacturers (OEMS) and electrical Utilities in the areas of Strategic Planning and Operational management. Its staff has nearly 50 years of engineering and management experience to aid clients.

Consulting services for general management and operation management that focuses on:

  • Strategic plan formulation/planning and implementation
  • Understanding and assessing customer needs/wants
  • Assessment of opportunities and threats to a business unit
  • Review of markets and products and how to differentiate
  • Analyze/identify core competencies of a business
  • Assist in acquisition due diligence process
  • Operational management including:
  1. Establish a base line assessment of a business unit
  2. Review of plant layout and work flow/recommendations to optimize
  3. Improving manufacturing cycle time
  4. Reduce operational set-up times
  5. Product/process quality improvement training
  6. System thinking and production planning training
  7. Materials management process; increase inventory turns and improve supplier performance

The Zenith Consulting staff has nearly 50 years of experience in the electrical industry, with over 30 years in top management and last position as Chairman of the Board.

Extensive experience in the design/construction and operation of 4 new transformer plants, from distribution transformers to large power transformers.

Over 25 years of international experience with several companies in Western and Eastern Europe, Mexico, Canada and South America.

LEX Engineering Division

The LEX Oil Conditioning System (LEX-OCS) is a stationary, maintenance-free system that removes both free and dissolved moisture while reconditioning the oil on line. This economical and easy-to-use system extends the life of insulating oil and also the life of cellulose insulating materials over a period of time, by reducing moisture in paper via oil, paper, and temperature moisture dynamics. It does this while the transformer remains in service, utilizing a molecular sieve filter media without the need for heating or vacuum.

LEX EVERDRY has been developed to maintain oil in dry condition while the oil is being stored.

Moisture in insulating materials effects transformer reliability & performance

The insulation system of most power transformers consists of organic materials: mineral oil, cellulose paper and pressboard. Moisture in the insulation system, together with operating temperature, constitutes the most important transformer insulation aging mechanism. Maintaining transformer insulation in a properly dried out state can be a difficult and expensive process; it requires considerable labor, capital-intensive equipment and at times, transformer outages.

Removing moisture from a wet transformer usually involves draining and drying the oil, drying the solid insulation using heat and/or vacuum, and vacuum refilling the unit. A more practical and less expensive method is to use the oil as a transfer media to remove moisture from the solid insulation. As the oil is dried (most favorably when the transformer is hot), the moisture will be transferred from the solid insulation to the oil, based on the relative solubility at a given temperature. This process does not introduce air into the system, so degassing the oil will not be required. And the transformer may be dried while energized.

The time required to remove moisture from a transformer depends largely on the operating temperature. When lightly loaded (low operating temperature), the migration of water from the paper to oil is slow. At higher operating temperatures, the equilibrium between water in paper and oil shifts to increase water content in oil and the LEX-OCS can remove dissolved water much more effectively. With freshly activated LEX media in each cartridge, the LEX-OCS has the capacity to remove approximately 20.0 kg. of moisture.

LEX Oil Conditioning System

For complete information on the LEX OCS, view our brochure. (Requires Adobe Reader)