Premium Performance Perfected

Why Choose Zenith?

Zenith Transformer Components, LLC, (ZTC) is a premium supplier of rugged products and proven services to customers involved in the reliable distribution of electric power.

"Only ZTC transformer cooling Fans have been tested by an
independent laboratory to AMCA 210-99, an industry standard!"

ZTC is an acknowledged, experienced expert in helping customers select and install the right components when a Transformer Thermal Upgrade is needed. ZTC has the engineering capability to analyze the situation and recommend the best method to enhance transformer performance. The potential exists to increase Transformer MVA adding a ZTC cooling package.

Broad Experience in Custom Applications

Extensive problem-solving experience coupled with a broad product mix make Zenith Transformer Components the logical choice to solve difficult transformer cooling problems. An industry leader, ZTC expertise is sought by end users, OEMs and utilities alike.

With over 80 years of cumulative experience, the ZTC staff of product and application specialists have encountered many particularly vexing cooling situations and solved them to the satisfaction of all involved.

Single Source Provider

Because Zenith Transformer Components offers an extensive line and continues to add new products as the need arises, it is a true single source provider to OEMs, utilities and industrial customers across North America!

The benefit to the ZTC customer includes a single-vendor relationship for ease of ordering and accountability. Dealing with one provider also ensures compatibility and accurate delivery timelines.

Quick Response

Zenith Transformer Components is just a call or an e-mail away whenever a transformer cooling need – or a problem – arises! Our experts can also tap into a worldwide network of quality suppliers to help meet a particular need.


Currently ZTC offers the following products and services for small, medium and large power transformers: Transformer Radiators, Transformer radiator valves, Transformer Cooling Fans, Silica Gel Breathers, Silica Gel, Temperature Gauges and Engineered Thermal upgrades. These products form the core of the transformer components business.

Additional Components Offered:

  • Large Iron Gate Valves-Ductile and Grey Iron
  • Bulk Bushings-Distribution and Power

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